April 22nd, 3rd week of series

Happy Easter!!


The following peeps race for free on 4/22 since they won their race on 4/15. But, if you don’t show, you forfeit.
Ryan Clarke Juniors
Jen Toland Women
Francisco Azevedo Cat 4/5
Jason Buckley Cat 3/4
Sam Bassetti P123
In case my weekly email didn’t get to you, here’s what I sent:

Just wanted to thank all the marshals and volunteers from last week.  Thanks for coming out and doing ‘the thing’.
We have a new sponsor, Sonoma Mountain Village, yeah (thank you Micheal Bohme for the contact).
This week is 2WheelCycling’s night to marshal again.  Ray, if you could let me know the names of the marshals, I can write them on the volunteer sheet to save time. Thanks for being out there for us.
Thank you to James Randolph of Lou Saare for sponsoring last weeks junior racing.  We had 16 juniors that raced 26 races.
We had 13 women in the women’s race.  Thank you so much for coming out.
Please check the website and Facebook for more updates and for the points series leaders. I also announced on both sites who will race for free next week for winning (1st place) in last weeks races.
April 29th, Colavita is next up for marshaling and if you have the people to help with setup/teardown that would be great too.
All marshals need to arrive no later than 5:15 to get a vest, radio and get to your corners. Also we found that at the end of the night, before the marshals come back to registration to turn in their vests and radio, if you can stack all the cones along the course as your coming back, that REALLY REALLY helps the ‘two person’ teardown
crew ;).  Thanks a bunch.
See you on Tuesday April 22nd!


New Sponsor


Hey everyone, we have a new sponsor, welcome Sonoma Mountain Village to our TNT family!


Thank you so much for contributing to our Santa Rosa grass roots event!


Week Two



Well, we just finished week 2 and it was a pretty good one!  Thank you everyone for showing up.  We had a great turn out for the women’s race and lot’s of juniors that were able to race for free thanks to James Randolph of Lou Saare Body Shop.  I don’t know the numbers yet, but they appeared to be way up from last weeks 47 riders, and there were new faces this week.


Our marshals came out as scheduled and there were no incidents.  The bread is a success and  thank you Jen Toland (NorCal Bikes) for bringing socks for all the women that raced and Jen Kruger for the coffee.


Next week 4/22, our team volunteers are 2Wheel Cycling.


Please remember to come back to registration before you leave the fairgrounds to pick up your winning and preme goodies.

Our first 2014 TNT is almost here

Mark your calendars for 4/8/14, the first Tuesday Night Twilights racing of the series.
Here are some reminders:

Volunteers for this Tuesday are provided by team 2Wheel Cycling, please arrive at 5:15 to get your vests and radios and to be assigned a corner. THANK YOU!
Bring your old race numbers.
Please fill out a Rider Release Form, found HERE. You will only need to show me your racing license once and the waiver is good for the season.
We will NOT be selling annual or one day licenses. If you don’t have a current USAC license you will race in the Cat 4/5 race.
We will offer credit card payments at registration.
All first place winners will race for free the following week, 2nd and 3rd place will win prizes.
Points Series, 1st place 10 points, 2nd place 7 points, 3rd place 5 points. All premes will earn 5 points, this could win your series if you need extra points. I will post all the points series riders on this website and will bring an excel spreadsheet to registration each week.
Mentors are only needed for the Juniors, Women and Cat 4/5 races. Only three (3) mentors per race.
Comps, only if you do setup and teardown, no exceptions.
You can buy a series pass at a 10% discount, available at registration or click on the Race Registration page to pre-pay for your race or to buy a series.
Racing and Fairgrounds insurance is provided by Bike Monkey.
No upgrade points, this is not a USAC sanctioned event.
April 15th, volunteers team Velo Fratello
April 15th Juniors race for FREE thanks to the generosity of Lou Saare!

PayPal & Series Discount


I’ve just added the ability to purchase a ‘race series’ on-line via paypal. If you pay for an entire race series you’ll receive a 10% discount.  Please click on the Race Registration page to pre-pay for your fun and exciting racing experience.


Also, I ordered a Paypal card reader. For additional convenience, you now have the option to pay for your races (or race series) at registration with a credit card versus a check!

New Sponsors

I’d like to thank a couple of new sponsors that have joined our Tuesday Night Twilight family.

Lou Saare Body Shop of Santa Rosa will sponsor junior racing one night per month at the TNTs. On the following nights Juniors will race for free;

April 15th

May 20th

June 17th

July 8th

August 19th


ElevenGearCycling will be contributing awesome clothing for prizes.


Starbucks will provide bags of coffee!


Thank you so much!!


2014 TNT Race Series is approaching

Hi Boys and Girls,


It’s nearly that time to race those bikes at the fairgrounds!!!


Here are the changes for this season: 

 1. Registration/race fee’s have not changed, woohoo.

 2. I’d like to offer a 10% discount on racing this season if you purchase a

season pass for all your races, (you can buy the season pass in advance or

the first day of the series to get the discount).  Please consider doing this

because it will really help out at registration.

 3. You will only need to sign one waiver at the start of the series (or the first

time you race).  That waiver will be good for the entire series. I encourage

you to pre-fill out the waiver to make it easy at registration.

 4. You are not going to be required to have a racing license, but if you don’t you

will race Cat 5 (men) or Cat 4 (women) regardless of your actual category.

You’ll be able to purchase a license on-line from USAC.

 5. There will no longer be any cash payouts to race winners.

 6. All first place winners will get to race for free the following week.

If you don’t show, the free race is forfeited.

 7. The only COMPS will be for those people that are a part of the

setup/teardown team.  No exceptions to anyone, this means if you mentor,

are medical or volunteer as a marshal, you have to pay for your race, please.

 8. This is NO LONGER A USAC SANCTIONED EVENT.  There will be no upgrades

from these races (not that there were that many any way).

 9.  All riders will be insured including myself and the fairgrounds.  The rider

insurance will be through Bike Monkey.

 10.  Bike Monkey is providing the ability for the TNTs to still offer insurance

so I will reflect that the TNTs are “presented by Bike Monkey”.  This also

means that they will help us advertise the TNTs on their website and FaceBook.

I’m hoping this will bring us some new faces to the TNTs.


Volunteer nights for this season:

All local teams have signed up for marshaling duties in advance, thank you sooooo much:

Here are the dates that you’ve signed up for, please make sure your four (4) volunteers will be at registration at least 15 minutes prior to the “first race” to get their marshaling corner location, radio and vest.  If you share a night with another team, we’ve most likely already talked about what you need to do.


April 8    2Wheel Racing

April 15   Velo Fratelo

April 22   2Wheel Racing

April 29   Colavita

May 6      Team Swift/Early Bird Women’s Team

May 20    Velo Fratelo

May 27   Red Peloton

June 3     Team Swift/Early Bird Women’s Team

June 17   Colavita

June 24   Red Peloton

July 1   Amazing Fightin Bobas

July 8   Mike’s Bikes

Aug 19     Red Peloton


Premes, and 1,2,3 place winners:

I am limiting prizes to 2nd and 3rd place winners. Products will include bread, coffee, Osmo, Gu, Clif and Camelbak bottles or at least whatever I can get along those lines.  Osmo and Camelbak are already on board.  Some of these items will come from our local teams and I will procure what I can.


Premes will also change, instead of prizes we will now offer points that you can add to the points you’ve earned in the points series (see below).  If you need additional points to become the points leader, this is a great way to do it.  If you are not in the running for the points series, winning lot’s of premes might get you there.


Points Series:

I’m introducing a points series to each race each night. Points will be calculated and accumulate as follows:

Each first place earns 10 points

Each second place earns 7 points

Each third place earns 5 points


On August 19th the points leader from each of the races will get to pull from a hat that will contain 7 gift cards from your very very generous bike shops with values from $250.00 – $500.00. If there is a points tie, Marmot has generously offered to donate one of their products in case of a tie.



Donations/contributions for this season:

A huge thank you thank you thank you to the following:


Red Peloton has generously made a donation to the TNT’s to help with several nights expenses to help keep them running successfully, thank you so much.


All M&Ms and Red Vines will be provided by Jeff Nierenberg of Word Shop, thank you so much.


Mike’s Bikes has generously offered to buy a night at the TNTs.  In addition to volunteering on July 8th, they will be paying all expenses for that night.  Fairgrounds fee, Insurance fees and other expenses that are incurred to put on the races.

Thank you so very, very much.


The following awesome shops were so generous in donating gift cards to the points series:

Trek Bicycle Store

NorCal Bike Sport

Mike’s Bikes

Bici Sport

Echelon Cycle & MultiSport

Spoke Folk Cyclery

Windsor Bicycle Center


Thank you thank you thank you!!!

April 9 Races

Hey all,

We did it again, a good, fun night of racing.  The women were back, yeah!  Only one problem, well actually 8 of them, ‘staples’ on the course.  We looked, couldn’t find them, had 8 flat tires.  I told the fairgrounds, who knows!


So a reminder that we will NOT be out there this coming week, April16th.  The fairgrounds has an event going on, so we’ll be returning on April 23rd.  Pete and Stephanie will be your trusted registration and volunteer coordinators.


Speaking of volunteers, the turn out for marshals is lacking.  We need each team to step up and participate, please.  The same people are doing setup/teardown, hay, and a few are marshaling.  If our regulars don’t show up to help out, the equipment or the hay will not get put out on the course.  And even though it’s a fairgrounds, there are cars sometimes.  We need marshals.  NEVER have a lack of mentors, interesting, LOL!!!


We have a new ‘raffle’ donor, thank you to Lisa Hunt and Osmo. Yeah!


Have a great weekend!


Our first TNT was a hit (sort of)

Hey, thank you all for showing up in great numbers tonight.  We had a great turn out and hopefully lot’s of fun. And I think the new ‘raffle’ was a success.  The ‘sort of” is the lack of women that showed up and it appears that we just aren’t ready to enter the 4/5 category race and race with the men.  So, let’s just do what we’ve always done.  Let’s get the women back out there, ALL of you.  The hope was to get newbies out there and ‘upgrade’ (if you will) the more advanced women to the next level of racing at the TNTs.  But apparently this idea wasn’t a good one, at least not yet.  So we’re going to have a meeting of the minds, Lauren Green, Laura Charameda, Nina Strika, Mariko Fischer and Deanna Mckenzie to figure out how to make a women’s race that will have our beginners keep coming back AND continue to groom our more experienced racers.  We’d like to provide good mentors for the new women and the more experienced women and also have the more experienced women helping the new racers, this is about training and getting more women out at the races and enjoying the sport.


On another note, please remember  if you do not hold a USAC license, you need to fill out a ONE Day form, see myself (Ronnie) or Lisa at registration. We keep the ONE Day forms, and this is all you will need to fill out.


Thank you for coming and see you all next week!!!

It’s a countdown to our first 2013 TNT

Hey all you TNTers!!! We’re close, April 2nd is our first race for 2013.  We’re getting ready, are you?


Here are the dates for this summer’s 2013 series of races:

April 2, 9, 23  and 30

May 7, 14, and 21

June 4, 11, 18 and 25

July 2, 9


I am sorry we couldn’t get more dates.  The fairgrounds has other events and we just couldn’t get more.  If we had an alternate location, it would be awesome to add more dates!




The women’s race will be held as it was last year, it will start at 5:30 just after the juniors take off!  We are asking that only those that have raced 0-10 times start this race.  We hope to help more women in the racing community gain experience and become more interested in continuing their racing experience.  We’d like all women who have raced over 10 races to enter the Cat 4-5 race that starts at 6:00.  If you would like to ‘mentor’ your fellow women racers, please come to registration and talk to Bruce about getting a vest.  And of course we want to promote women’s cycling, not lose women, so if the Cat 4-5 race get’s too wild, we’ll have to have a powwow!



And as always we appreciate and need volunteers to help with setup/teardown, straw, marshaling, a raffle prize runner for Frank, and help making sure the bathrooms are clean.


Remember, rain most likely cancels the event!


And a couple of  yearly friendly reminders:

  • Please do not warm up in the parking lot across the street (we want to stay in good standings with the fairgrounds)
  • Please keep the bathrooms clean
  • Please save your race numbers and bring them each time you race
  • Please bring your racing license to the first race that you will be participating in so we can validate the number and expiration
  • Bring money (ha)



And please check out Steven Cozza’s KIDS Gran Fondo held on May 11th at Lucchesi Park in Petaluma.



Check out Heather Nielson’s Coaching, she is now based in San Rafael and would love to get more involved with coaching in our community.   Please welcome her and check out her Facebook page.


I hope you’ll be out there again this year.  Same place, same times, same prices!!! Check out the race flyer for more info.  And keep watching this site or Facebook for updates.





Important Documents for You:

The 2014 TNT Flyer is HERE.

The 2014 TNT Waiver is HERE.

The Fairgrounds Course Map is HERE.

Our Generous Sponsors:

To find out more about our Sponsors, please see the Sponsors page, or click HERE

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