August 18…after a month break

We’re back after a month break and I had to remember all those names again.
The points series has been updated.
As you know the Omnium was cancelled. We’ll try again next year and will make the needed changes according to all your comments
Thank you to all our sponsors and volunteers, and to the Lake County gang for coming out and supporting the TNTs and kicking butt while you’re at it. It’s fun to have you out there.
We have to say bye to our first female Captain of Team Swift, Emily Abraham. This was her last race. Saturday she’s leaving for college in Fort Collins, Colorado.
We’ll for sure miss you and wish you well. She’s already on the collegiate team at her new college.  Yeah!
The last TNT, September 1st will be our kids race. More to come.
And Juniors will race for free again on September 1st.
Next week August 28th, the Boba’s will be our course marshals.

We’re back to Tuesday

Hi all,
Yup, you read it right. We’re on for this Tuesday at the Tuesday Night Twilights.
Series points have been updated.
Marshals for tomorrow will be Red Peloton!
Next Marshals on 6/30/15 will be Velo Fratelo!
Part of tomorrows expenses are paid by Kirby Construction thank you very much.

If you liked your On The Go towels, Please ‘like’ their FaceBook page On The Go Towels, and check out their website On The Go. Let them know what you think. Would love to have them on board next year.
Don’t forget, after tomorrow’s racing, the next TNT will be on 6/30/15, Juniors will race for FREE that night thanks to Velo Fratelo.
Would also like to wish our Team Swift juniors good luck at Nationals next week up in Truckee! Go Swifties!!!

Tuesday Night Twilights this Wednesday

Hi all,
Yup, you read it right. We’re on for this Wednesday at the Tuesday Night Twilights.
Series points have been updated, but check the numbers (I’m sure you know where you’re at), my sorting got messed up in my spreadsheet. I hope I got them all back in order.
We still need some Marshals for Wednesday night!
Next week Marshals will be Red Peloton!
Part of next weeks racing is sponsored by Kirby Construction thank you very much.
And lookie lookie what we got;
On The Go cleaning towels. They are great, come in different scents and are 10×12, a nice size to clean up after racing.
Thank you to Joe from On The Go for donating 100 towels to the TNTs. Please ‘like’ their FaceBook page On The Go Towels, and check out their website On The Go.
I will be giving them out for Premes, so please let Joe know what you think and let’s help get his product out there.

We’ve added a date

Hi all,


We’ve added a date to our TNT Calendar!


WEDNESDAY June 10th.


Same times, same place.  Please come to make this fun and worth the extra effort that our volunteers are putting in!

May 19, it’s a Gooooo

Hi TNTers,

Reminder that tomorrow May 19th is a go! Yeah.


After tomorrow we have a long break until June 16th.


Tomorrow looks like this:
Junior’s race for FREE – please thank Red Peloton for sponsoring this juniors night of free races!


Volunteer marshals are:
Team Swift & Early Bird Women’s Racing


Let’s hope we have a bigger turn out than our last race. If not for our Sebastopol Bike Center sponsor who paid for the night (please stop in and thank him next time you are in Sebastopol),  we would have been in the red ;(. Bring your friends, give us a shout on FB, like our new Facebook page, post on your websites. It’s word of mouth that will get more people out there to race their bikes.


And we got more goodies, a supply of Lagunitas beer from Jim Forni, socks from Capo Test Team, some Jelly Belly candies, and a few Camelbak items. Yeah, thank you all for your generosity.

Just a heads up that June 16th marshals will be Red Peloton. Kirby Construction will be our sponsor who has generously sponsored part of the night, Yeah! Thank you!!


And as usual, thank you to our volunteers. Wordshop for our red vines and M&M’s, and NorCal Bike Sport for our bread!


See you tomorrow. Marshals, dress warm and bring chairs.


Cinco de Mayo

NO I will not be giving out Margarita’s. Sorry!
Colavita will be marshaling again this week!
Please don’t be offended or take it personally if you don’t get the chance to mentor! Please remember that it’s just me out there, assigning mentors, marshals, answering questions and signing riders up to race. I try to do the best I can to make everyone happy, but sometimes, well you know. Don’t be hatin, doesn’t mean I don’t luv!


This night is fully sponsored by Denver Booker of Sebastopol Bike Center! Thank you so much, and please remember to thank him! Also would be nice if you thanked and ‘liked’ all of our sponsors on Facebook. Without all of their support, we couldn’t do this. Please go to our Sponsor page to see who they are. They pay for nights, supply coffee, bread, jewelry, nutrition, free junior racing, wine, beer, gift certificates and more.


Reminder, there will be no races on May 12th.


And just in case you didn’t see, we have a new Facebook PAGE versus a Facebook group. The group will soon be inactive. So please like the new page so you can continue to get updates.

April 28 Race – done


We had our first Wheel Chair race ever, with two entries.  Marc Moons and Paul Stimson were neck and neck for the one lap race, with the “W” being a tie! Congratulations to both winners.  I actually think Paul Stimson won, but being the good sport that he is, he eased up a bit right at the line.  Thank you both for participating!

It was a nice warm evening with the best turn out we’ve had in probably two years! Woohoo, thank you all for coming out and making it a fun night.  The fields were nice and large, which makes it all the more fun to watch.  We even had a line at registration (sorry, next week I will have help, just in case), but that’s a good thing, right.

We found a GOLD wedding band in the parking lot (before everyone got there) with an inscription of “Erica”?

The last race (P123) had a bit of a touch of wheels which took out a few people, with Drew Gonzales and Dr. Todd getting the worst of it.  I think the bodies faired ok, but I know Dr. Todd’s front wheel was a mess!

The results/points series page has been updated.

Thank you to Tim Burgess of Rally Point Wines for fully sponsoring the night and providing us with lot’s of amazing wine.  And thanks to the Sonoma County Vet Connection crew for coming out and sharing their information, I don’t think they raised a lot of money, but hey, every little bit helps.

As usual, thank you to all the volunteers, and sponsors for your continued support.
See you next week, May 5!

Wheel Chair racing here we come

Hi all,
Sorry this is coming so late. We’re on for tomorrow, yeah!
Colavita will be up for marshaling duties for this week AND next week.
Tomorrow is fully sponsored by Rally Point Wines. Thank you so much to Tim Burgess.
Tomorrow is our Wheel Chair race to honor Paul Stimson. I was hoping for actual wheel chair racing, but if only Paul in racing his wheel chair, you will all just have to catch him. 5:30….


Also tomorrow Tim Burgess of Rally Point Wines would like to ask you to support the Sonoma County Vet Connect a local non-profit organization whose mission is to provide outreach to all former military service members and their families and to assist them in obtaining access to services and benefits due them for their service to our country. 100% of all donations directly help veterans in Sonoma County and 100% of donations stay in Sonoma County, There will be a table at registration with literature and to accept any donations.


Mentors: I know you want to warm up, but really only 3 mentor for the Juniors, Women, and Cat 4/5. No mentors for the 3/4 or P123 races. And please, no jumping in without a vest. You can warm up by riding to the TNTs, ha! And if you have on a vest and asked to Mentor, please Mentor!


Thank you to everyone that showed up last week, for marshaling, officiating, donating product and helping with equipment and hay setup/teardown. You all ROCK!
See you tomorrow. Don’t forget if it’s warm out, it will still get cold!


Don’t forget, preme points are now 3 points each and not 5. It was announced before each race last week, and on the website. I just wanted everyone to be sure they knew.

Don’t forget to tell people to “like” the new FaceBook PAGE, I won’t be updating the GROUP page any longer.


It was a cold night

One night of racing down and 8 to go.  Good turn out, but it was cold.
The fairgrounds were ready for us, and the familiar faces showed up to race, and some new faces, thanks for coming out.
Thank you to our volunteers for Marshaling, Officiating, Mentoring, Setting up and Tearing Down.
A huge thank you to Paul Stimson for supporting and paying for our juniors to race for free.
Thank you to WordShop for providing all the riders with goodies for their sweet tooth, and to NorCal Bike Sport for supplying the bread and to Mikes Bikes for this weeks gift cards.
We had 14 women/girls show up to race.  Great racing ladies. Look what Jen won, she was a happy Colavita oil camper!

And look at the awesome goodies we got for premes and winnings!!!  Thank you Colavita for the awesome Olive Oil, Pasta and Pasta sauce.  
Thank you Rally Point Wines for the cases of wine.  Woohoo!!
The TNTs gave away some beer, bread, pineapples and movie gift card!

IMG_4347 IMG_4348IMG_4349


Results and Points Series have been updated and posted! Also, I changed the point for premes from 5 points to 3!  Why, because it was suggested and I thought why not!

Get ready to Crit…

Hello everyone,
Tomorrow is our first Tuesday Night Twilights!!!! Be there!!!! 😉
Just in case you forgot 4/21/15 happenings:
Juniors Race for free sponsored by Paul Stimson. A huge huge thank you to Paul.
Volunteer Marshals for tomorrow are Team Swift and Early Bird Women’s Racing
please come to registration for vest and radio. Dress warm and bring a chair.
We still need a volunteer for the start/finish PLEASE. You will be there from 5:15
through the last race, and can get people to help you with identifying bib numbers
for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place and the preme winners. Please email me if you can do this.
Thank you Brea for stepping up to do this!!!
It get’s cold, so don’t forget to bring something warm to ware.
The points series will happen and work as it did last year, unless someone has better ideas.
1st place 10 points
2nd place 7 points
3rd place 5 points
All premes are 3 points with two premes per race.
Thank you to Jess Nierenberg of WordShop for providing funds for our goodie table (peanut butter, nutella, jam, bread, M&Ms and Red Vines).
Thank you to NorCal Bike Sport for providing funds for our “Bread Winnings” yeah!
A huge thanks to our setup/teardown crew who show up no matter what, to Dan Petersen for taking care of and transporting our hay, and to Scottie for his continued support in storing and transporting the TNT equipment.
Please don’t forget to thank everyone for marshaling, cheering, and supporting the TNTs.
A heads up for next week, 4/28/15:
Wheel Chair race honoring Paul Stimson (please pass this information on), I’m not sure what this will look like, we might just have to make it up as we go.
Volunteer marshals:
Colavita (thank you)
Dennis Brodowski will be our start/finish dood from this date to the end (thank you)
Tim Burgess of Rally Point Wines has generously paid all expenses for this night, will donate wine and will have a fund raiser to support Sonoma County Vet Connect (
I think that’s it, let’s hope for some good turn out this year. If I forgot anyone, I’m sorry!

Important Documents for You:

The 2015 TNT Flyer is HERE.

The 2015 TNT Waiver is HERE.

The Fairgrounds Course Map is HERE.

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