It was a cold night

One night of racing down and 8 to go.  Good turn out, but it was cold.
The fairgrounds were ready for us, and the familiar faces showed up to race, and some new faces, thanks for coming out.
Thank you to our volunteers for Marshaling, Officiating, Mentoring, Setting up and Tearing Down.
A huge thank you to Paul Stimson for supporting and paying for our juniors to race for free.
Thank you to WordShop for providing all the riders with goodies for their sweet tooth, and to NorCal Bike Sport for supplying the bread and to Mikes Bikes for this weeks gift cards.
We had 14 women/girls show up to race.  Great racing ladies. Look what Jen won, she was a happy Colavita oil camper!

And look at the awesome goodies we got for premes and winnings!!!  Thank you Colavita for the awesome Olive Oil, Pasta and Pasta sauce.  
Thank you Rally Point Wines for the cases of wine.  Woohoo!!
The TNTs gave away some beer, bread, pineapples and movie gift card!

IMG_4347 IMG_4348IMG_4349


Results and Points Series have been updated and posted! Also, I changed the point for premes from 5 points to 3!  Why, because it was suggested and I thought why not!

Get ready to Crit…

Hello everyone,
Tomorrow is our first Tuesday Night Twilights!!!! Be there!!!! ;)
Just in case you forgot 4/21/15 happenings:
Juniors Race for free sponsored by Paul Stimson. A huge huge thank you to Paul.
Volunteer Marshals for tomorrow are Team Swift and Early Bird Women’s Racing
please come to registration for vest and radio. Dress warm and bring a chair.
We still need a volunteer for the start/finish PLEASE. You will be there from 5:15
through the last race, and can get people to help you with identifying bib numbers
for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place and the preme winners. Please email me if you can do this.
Thank you Brea for stepping up to do this!!!
It get’s cold, so don’t forget to bring something warm to ware.
The points series will happen and work as it did last year, unless someone has better ideas.
1st place 10 points
2nd place 7 points
3rd place 5 points
All premes are 3 points with two premes per race.
Thank you to Jess Nierenberg of WordShop for providing funds for our goodie table (peanut butter, nutella, jam, bread, M&Ms and Red Vines).
Thank you to NorCal Bike Sport for providing funds for our “Bread Winnings” yeah!
A huge thanks to our setup/teardown crew who show up no matter what, to Dan Petersen for taking care of and transporting our hay, and to Scottie for his continued support in storing and transporting the TNT equipment.
Please don’t forget to thank everyone for marshaling, cheering, and supporting the TNTs.
A heads up for next week, 4/28/15:
Wheel Chair race honoring Paul Stimson (please pass this information on), I’m not sure what this will look like, we might just have to make it up as we go.
Volunteer marshals:
Colavita (thank you)
Dennis Brodowski will be our start/finish dood from this date to the end (thank you)
Tim Burgess of Rally Point Wines has generously paid all expenses for this night, will donate wine and will have a fund raiser to support Sonoma County Vet Connect (
I think that’s it, let’s hope for some good turn out this year. If I forgot anyone, I’m sorry!

First 2015 TNT is April 21st

Lot’s of good stuff, great sponsors, product (promised) and paperwork nearly done.


2015 TNT dates are as follows
April 21, 28
May 5, 19
June 16, 30
July – Sonoma County Fair
August 18, 25
September 1


Juniors Race for Free Nights
April 21 sponsored by Paul Stimson (thank you so much)
May 19 sponsored by Red Peloton
June 30 sponsored by Velo Fratello
August 18 sponsored by Bici Sport
September 1 sponsored by Red Peloton


Here are some exciting things that will be happening
April 28 will be our Wheel Chair Race (flyer) night in honor of Paul Stimson.  This event and night is fully sponsored by Tim Burgess of Rally Point Wines.  You will see Sonoma County Vet Connect at registration, a local non-profit organization whose mission is to provide outreach to all former military service members and their families and to assist them in obtaining access to services and benefits due them for their service to our country. 100% of all donations directly help veterans in Sonoma County and 100% of donations stay in Sonoma County. Please consider donating to this very good cause on this very special night.
May 5 Sebastopol Bike Center is generously sponsoring an entire night.
June 30 Kirby Construction is generously sponsoring half the night.
September 1st we will hold the very very successful and exciting to see all the Mountain Bikers OMNIUM night.
September 1st will also be our fun & thrilling to watch Kids Race

Thank you to Norcal Bike Sport for sponsoring four (4) nights of BREAD and to Jess Nierenberg of Word Shop for sponsoring our M&Ms and Red Vines and to Pete Lenzi of Lenzi Real Estate for putting up $120.00 race winnings for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place Cat 4/5, Cat 3/4 and P123 races (depending on rider count, see the TNT flyer)
Don’t forget to bring/save your TNT race bib numbers. You can pre-register on this website using paypal, and you save 10% if you prepay for the entire series and print/pre-fill out a release waiver. Remember that you only need to fill out ONE waiver for the entire series.

2015 Season Update

Happy Valentines Day!
So here’s an update (still working on flyers)!!

Thank you so much to our new sponsors and our returning sponsors! LOVE YA!

We still have the following dates that we will need course marshals:
April 7 (I’m happy to throw this date out of the schedule)
June 16
August 18
August 25
Sept 1

Juniors nights (race for free)
April 21
May 19
June 30
August 18 (sponsored by Bici Sport)
Sept 1
Would love more sponsors for the juniors race nights, $200.00 covers one night! If I don’t get more sponsors for the juniors races, I won’t be able to give them free nights, sorry!

April 28 Wheel Chair race night & fund raiser (more info to come from Tim Burgess) Entire night sponsored by Rally Point Wines
September 1 Omnium
June 16th (Kirby Construction is sponsoring 1/2 the night)

Frank will not be returning this year as our start/finish line official. I need a replacement and you do NOT have to be a USAC official. It’s easy, I give you a bell, a clip board with a sheet for each race, and lap cards. You start the race, time it and hold up lap cards when appropriate, ring the final lap bell when appropriate, announce premes when you want and document on the sheet 1,2,3 place and the preme winners. I’m sure people will be more than happy to help out while you are out there. And it’s FUN!

What date should we set aside for the kids race?

Also, if anyone is interested in a meeting of the minds to see how we can get more interest or do more fun things, please let me know if you are able to meet. I’m still available on Feb. 18th, meet at Echelon if we’d like to throw out some ideas.


Season Finale’

The TNT season ended with some pretty exciting racing.  Not only did we have some great point series competition, but we were the first event of the First Sonoma County Omnium.  There were a lot of new faces that represented the Mountain Bike crowd and it was great to see them out there.


The points competition winners were a given for the Women’s and the Cat 3/4 races with Angel Garbarino and Ryan Clarke untouchable.  The exciting and close races were the Juniors, Cat 4/5 and the P123 races.  Gianni Lamperti and Isaiah Chass were neck and neck in the Juniors race, Isaiah came up short with some mechanicals, and Gianni definitely had a race plan to take the win and the points series.  Eric Blackburn was well in the lead in the Cat 4/5 race until early season I moved him into the Cat 3/4 race for more challenge.  Doing this meant that he could no longer challenge Will Sitch who was also untouchable in the Cat 4/5’s.  Don’t worry, Eric Blackburn won a nice runner up prize!  The P123 race was truly exciting where Mike Charleton and Charlie Schneider were tied coming into the last race of the season.  I’m sure there was some crazy strategies going on, and lot’s of friends being made to make the racing fun and close.  Mike Charleton came out on top winning by 6 points.


Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to everyone that came out to participate.  Thank you to all the volunteers and sponsors!


Let’s put our heads together and see how we can keep the TNTs alive for next season with more points series racing, lot’s of sponsors and more omniums!!


Have a safe and fun rest of the racing season and don’t forget to get out there on October 12th to ride the Cycle With Champions, the annual Team Swift fund raiser event.  You can donate, buy raffle tickets and pre-register (please) on line at

Last TNT of the season

Hi all,
Just a friendly reminder that we’ll be back out at the fairgrounds tomorrow with
lot’s happening…..

Volunteer Marshals:
Red Peloton


Juniors Race for FREE night.


The following race for FREE (based on their wins at the last TNT):
Isaiah Chass (juniors and cat 4/5)
Angel Garbarino
Jason Buckley
Charlie Schneider


Points Series Finals:
This is the final TNT of the season meaning that the competition will be at it’s highest.
The points winners will draw from a hat and can win a gift card valued at 250.00 all the way up to 500.00. These are the current point leaders and the runners up:


Gianni Lamperti 86 points
Isaiah Chass 76 points


Angel Garbarino 106 points
Emily Abraham 56 points


Cat 4/5:
Eric Blackburn 59 points
Will Sitch 58 points


Cat 3/4:
Ryan Clarke 89 points
Jason Buckley 54 points


Mike Charleton 74 points
Charlie Schneider 74 point

This week is the Sonoma County Twilight Omnium week:
August 19 Tuesday Night Twilights
August 20 Wednesday Night Dirt Crits 5:15
August 21 Thursday Road Bike Individual TT put on by Bici Sport in Petaluma 6:15

A huge congratulations to all our Team Swifties for their great results at this years Nationals!


Also a huge congratulations to Ryan Eastman, currently racing with Trek Factory Racing as a stagiare.



I think that’s it, hopefully I remembered everything. See you all out there!

July 1st Update Week 11

Kudo’s to the great performances by our Team Swift Juniors at Nationals on the TT course. Luke Lamperti won his second TT national championship in the 11/12 age group. Isabella Brunner on the podium with a 3rd in the 11/12 age group. Gianni Lamperti and Emily Abraham finished top 20 with Ben Cook and Isaiah Chass in the top half of their categories.  Shout out to BMC’s devo team for a U23 win by TJ Eisenhart in the TT and a 4th from Swift alum Tyler Williams.  So proud of them all.


On another note, due to the lack of turn out due to Nationals and the 4th of July holiday, our turn out for July 1st resulted in no Juniors race (expected) and no women’s race, that one is interesting, only three women showed, and I am pretty sure that there are more than 3 women that race out of Northern California.  Would love to understand why the women are not showing.  I was going to cancel the July 8th race but have decided to go ahead and put it on since it’s paid for, but I have a feeling the turnout might be small again.


Just an fyi, on July 1st I know there we additional preme’s added to the last couple of races because of the amazing product donations made by the Amazing Fighin Boba’s, whoop whoop, thank you so much.  But I am NOT going to give points for those additional premes.  I know you were told they would count, but I don’t think it’s fair to change the way we’re doing points mid stream.  So don’t freak if the total points that I’ve posted aren’t what you think you got.  My rules….ha!


July 8th Marshal volunteers: Red Peloton

July 8th, Juniors race for FREE thanks to James Randolph owner of Lou Saare!

July 8th the following winners will race for FREE:

Cat 4/5: James Fisher

Cat 3/4: Eamon Keating

P123: Charlie Schneider


July 8th, KIDS racing night.  PLEASE NO CHALK AT THE FAIRGROUND, we will get charged if there is chalk on the road or the sidewalks, sorry.  Red Peloton will be heading up the kids at registration, please please sign a waiver for your little one and get a bib number. Be careful and have fun.

Here’s the scoop:


Youth Cyclists of Sonoma County

Come participate in the Tuesday Night Twilights this 2014 Season

One Night Only, Special Categories for Young Riders
Tuesday July 8, 2014


All participants begin at 6:20 at the registration area.

Bring your helmet, arrive early for instructions,

sign a waiver and get ready to ride the course!



Tricycles and Training Wheels – finish straight away 300 yards – meet at registration after completing a waiver
Up to 8 years old – 1/2 lap -meet at registration after completing a waiver
9-14 years old – one lap+ -meet at registration after completing a waiver

Come celebrate another great year of racing by riding the same course as the racers. All participants receive special recognition of their accomplishment.


Attention Adult racers – Please help our youth cyclist by volunteering during this event. Join us at the registration area at the finish of the 4/5 race (before the 3/4 race begins) in order to help lead the riders around the circuit. Course marshals – let’s make sure our young riders stay on course.


June 18 Update

Race Results and Points Series have been updated.


The following Riders will race for free next week because they won their race on June 17th:


Juniors: Ryan Clarke

Women: Isabel Brunner

Cat 4/5: William Sitch

Cat 3/4: Jim Forni

P123: Gavin Murray


Next weeks volunteer marshals June 24:

Red Peloton


Don’t forget to check out the Thursday Night Time Trials in Petaluma.  Check out Bici Bikes of Petaluma webpage and Facebook for details.

Happy Fathers Day and let’s race on Tuesday

Hi All,
Happy Fathers Day to all you pops out there. Hope you are having a great day!


We’re on for this Tuesday! Remember Diane and Tim won’t have the CC reader
so Cash, Check or paypal (online) while I’m gone.


The following race for free because you won at the last TNTs:
Juniors: Luke Lamperti
Women: Jen Kruger
4/5: Aria Kiani
3/4: Jim Forni
P123: Jonathan Lee


This week our volunteers are team Colavita (thank you so much), please arrive by
5:15, or a bit earlier if possible.


June 24th volunteers are Red Peloton.


Please race safe!


Thanks so much,




A huge thank you to Mike’s Bikes for providing the TNTs not only with marshals, bringing a gang out to race but also for making it a Mike’s Bikes night.  Thank you so much for coming all the way up to Santa Rosa and adding to the fun.


Thank you to my Registration Team in training who will be manning the marshals and registration while I am gone from June 6th – July 18th.  I know everything will run smoothly.


Thank you to Seth Wood of Red Peloton for his donations of gift cards and kewl water bottle from Wood Four Brewing Company.  It’s very appreciated.



Yup, you read it here, we have a hashtag….#Tuesdaynighttwilights. YEAH!


Anyone lose a pair of glasses during the 4/5 race (I think).  They aren’t in great shape, but I’ve got them.


Please be mindful of your language while racing, I know it’s in the heat of the moment, but there are kids and parents around. Please just be careful and think before you react.  YOU are the one we look to to help teach others, please set the example.


June 3rd stuff:

Volunteer Marshals Team Swift and Early Bird Women share night

Uber Bikes will be sponsoring the night, yeah.

Juniors race for FREE, thank you James Randolph from Lou Saare  You need a fender bender mender, he’s the guy!


The following race for free:

Jrs: Luke Lamperti

Women: Emily Abraham

Cat 4/5: Tyler Symcox

Cat 3/4: Eamon Keating

P123: Dana Williams



Just to remind everyone of our racing schedule:

June 3 – Juniors Race Free, Volunteers Uber Bikes night and Team Swift/Early Bird Women

June 17 – Volunteers Colavita

June 24 – Volunteers Red Peloton

July 1 – Volunteers Amazing Fightin Bobas

July 8 – Juniors Race Free, Volunteers Red Peloton

August 19 – Juniors Race Free, Volunteers Red Peloton

Important Documents for You:

The 2015 TNT Flyer is HERE.

The 2015 TNT Waiver is HERE.

The Fairgrounds Course Map is HERE.

Our Generous Sponsors:

To find out more about our Sponsors, please see the Sponsors page, or click HERE

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